There are numerous personal, financial, and travel benefits to achieving a second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda. Firstly, Antigua and Barbuda offer citizens freedom from income, inheritance, and estate taxes, making it a paradise for investors. In addition to taking advantage of Antigua’s tax-haven-status, citizens can also reap the benefits of the country’s highly-ranked passport, which offers holders visa-free access and increased mobility to over 120+ countries and territories around the world. Antigua and Barbuda passport holders can enjoy visa-less entry to the United Kingdom, Russia, and all 27-countries in the Schengen area—the European bloc that includes France, Spain, Italy, and Germany—among other would-class destinations. Visit Singapore and Brazil, Qatar, Indonesia, and more, all without a visa—just bring your Antigua passport and you are good to go! In addition to financial benefits and increased mobility, Antigua and Barbuda provides literal security for investors and their families looking for a stable, safe, and healthy place to raise children and grow their finances. The country’s democratic government (ceremonially headed by England’s Queen Elizabeth II) and island-geography have historically insulated Antigua from the political, economic, and social instability of neighboring mainland states. Finally, Antigua is both beautiful and pristine—a natural setting that promotes healthy living through sunshine and the surrounding outdoors. While participants in Antigua’s CBI program do not need to live on the island in order to reap its myriad of benefits, many ultimately choose to relocate there after visiting and discovering its many advantages. Happily, the benefits of Antigua second citizenship can be enjoyed on the island or from afar—it’s entirely up to you!