There is so much to do on Antigua, which offers a luxurious and healthy lifestyle to those who decide to reside on the island. Tourists and residents alike enjoy immersing themselves in the island’s renowned natural beauty, which offers tropical waters, white-sand-beaches, and lush forests to explore. A former colonial possession of the United Kingdom (it is today part of the Commonwealth) Antigua retains its British influence; Cricket remains the dominant sport. Less humid than other Caribbean islands, the country’s warm climate supports an array of outdoor activities, including sailing, diving, and hiking. For those interested in culture, the capital of St. John offers a sophisticated array of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Also the country’s main port, St. John is a major destination for cruise ships, drawing thousands of passengers to its malls, historical sites, and other attractions. Unlike certain other Caribbean counties, Antigua’s nightlife and culinary scene is well-developed, offering a wide variety of restaurants and bars catering to both local and foreign appetites. Ultimately, Antigua offers citizens the opportunity to indulge in multiple lifestyles and pursuits; if you want to live an active, adventurous life, you can take advantage of the island’s rigorous outdoor offerings. If you’re more inclined to leisure, the beaches and bars await.