FAQS About Antigua and Barbuda’s CBI program

The answers of the most frequently asked questions related to Antigua and Barbuda investment and real estate are given below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

There is so much to do on Antigua, which offers a luxurious and healthy lifestyle to those who decide to reside on the island. Tourists and residents alike enjoy immersing themselves in the island’s renowned natural beauty, which offers tropical waters, white-sand-beaches, and lush forests to explore. A former colonial possession of the United Kingdom (it is today part of the Commonwealth) Antigua retains its British influence; Cricket remains the dominant sport. Less humid than other Caribbean islands, the country’s warm climate supports an array of outdoor activities, including sailing, diving, and hiking. For those interested in culture, the capital of St. John offers a sophisticated array of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Also the country’s main port, St. John is a major destination for cruise ships, drawing thousands of passengers to its malls, historical sites, and other attractions. Unlike certain other Caribbean counties, Antigua’s nightlife and culinary scene is well-developed, offering a wide variety of restaurants and bars catering to both local and foreign appetites. Ultimately, Antigua offers citizens the opportunity to indulge in multiple lifestyles and pursuits; if you want to live an active, adventurous life, you can take advantage of the island’s rigorous outdoor offerings. If you’re more inclined to leisure, the beaches and bars await.

The application process for economic citizenship on Antigua and Barbuda is incredibly simple for those who take advantage of Guide’s services. Contact us here when you are ready to begin your citizenship journey.

As previously intimated, the cost of living on Antigua is low—especially for naturalized foreigners—due to the low cost of goods and services and the low exchange rate between the ECD and most global currencies.

No. Living in Antigua and Barbuda is not expensive relative to many countries around the world. Antigua, like its fellow Eastern Caribbean states, takes the East Caribbean Dollar, which is pegged to the U.S. Dollar, and has a low exchange rate relative to the American and other global currencies. With free healthcare and education, the island offers a wealth of low-cost living opportunities to savvy investors, who will find the island’s low prices complemented by its low income tax rate. 

Antigua and Barbuda is known as one of the most beautiful and secure countries in the Caribbean. Significantly reliant on tourism, the islands beautiful beaches and pristine waters welcome thousands of foreigners from all over the world. The country is further renowned for its hospitality and warm Caribbean culture.

Yes! The crime rate in Antigua and Barbuda is extremely low. In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates of all the Caribbean islands! A major tourist destination, the island hosts thousands of overseas visitors and is keen to promote a stable, secure, and welcoming environment. 

The official language on Antigua and Barbuda is English, although native islanders also speak a unique form of creole.  

The residency requirements for living on Antigua are minimal: traditionally, participants in the economic citizenship program must spend a total of five days on the island within the first five years after they are naturalized. However, there may be exceptions to even this low requirement, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For more information on residency requirements, contact us here

Yes! The Antigua and Barbuda CBI program allows foreigners to apply for and obtain Antiguan nationality without ever giving up their original citizenship. This means that if you apply for Antigua citizenship, you will be able to keep your original nationality as well, making you a dual citizen.

There are numerous personal, financial, and travel benefits to achieving a second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda. Firstly, Antigua and Barbuda offer citizens freedom from income, inheritance, and estate taxes, making it a paradise for investors. In addition to taking advantage of Antigua’s tax-haven-status, citizens can also reap the benefits of the country’s highly-ranked passport, which offers holders visa-free access and increased mobility to over 120+ countries and territories around the world. Antigua and Barbuda passport holders can enjoy visa-less entry to the United Kingdom, Russia, and all 27-countries in the Schengen area—the European bloc that includes France, Spain, Italy, and Germany—among other would-class destinations. Visit Singapore and Brazil, Qatar, Indonesia, and more, all without a visa—just bring your Antigua passport and you are good to go! In addition to financial benefits and increased mobility, Antigua and Barbuda provides literal security for investors and their families looking for a stable, safe, and healthy place to raise children and grow their finances. The country’s democratic government (ceremonially headed by England’s Queen Elizabeth II) and island-geography have historically insulated Antigua from the political, economic, and social instability of neighboring mainland states. Finally, Antigua is both beautiful and pristine—a natural setting that promotes healthy living through sunshine and the surrounding outdoors. While participants in Antigua’s CBI program do not need to live on the island in order to reap its myriad of benefits, many ultimately choose to relocate there after visiting and discovering its many advantages. Happily, the benefits of Antigua second citizenship can be enjoyed on the island or from afar—it’s entirely up to you!

The lowest priced option for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is $100,000. This option is available to a main applicant and up to three dependents in the form of a donation to the  Antigua and Barbuda National Development Fund (NDF). Please note that this price is not inclusive of processing fees and other mandatory application costs—for more complete information on pricing, click here. 

You can obtain an Antiguan passport by pursuing economic citizenship through the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program, which offers two main avenues for citizenship: donation and real estate. The donation option involves making a cash investment into either a fund, business, or university on the island in exchange for Antigua and Barbuda nationality. Alternatively, you have the option of buying a pre-approved property on the island (once the sale is concluded, you will receive Antigua citizenship). Contact Guide directly to help plan your approach. 


Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful dual-island nation located in the Caribbean sea. The larger island of Antigua is separated by the smaller, more northerly island of Barbuda by 63 km of water. The country’s closest neighboring island state is St. Kitts and Nevis, and it’s in close proximity to various UK and French island holdings including Anguilla and St. Barts (for further context—it’s around 525km from Puerto Rico, and about a 3.5 hour flight from Miami).